Exhibit Curation

Participatory self-expression through art
A curation for the Center for Lebanese Studies in Amman

This curation is part of a larger study that examines youth aspirations amidst uncertainty and displacement, and the multidirectional trajectories of young people; it used art-making as a tool to express emotions and personal stories by youth who are navigating opportunities and constraints through life in Lebanon and Jordan.


This mural is a visual depiction of the academic research by the Center for Lebanese Studies in Amman, on youth trajectories from education to employment in the context of protracted displacement.

Trajectories mural


We all have stories that unfold as we go through life. Different people react to the same type of life event in different ways.


what is your story?


Mixed Media on Canvas
250cm x 140cm


جدارية المسارات

جميعنا لدينا قصصًا تتكشف مع مرور الوقت

يتفاعل الأشخاص المختلفون مع نفس النوع من أحداث الحياة بطرق مختلفة

ما هي قصتك؟

وسائط مختلطة على قماش

۲٥۰ سم x ۱٤۰ سم


The exhibit intended to act as a tool or means to trigger dialogue and discussion among persons from different fields of work/life, i.e. academics, researchers, youth, decision makers.

I acted as a guidance for the participants to visualize their emotions through art, and support them to use art as an alternate way to communicate what they cannot always put into words.

It aimed to encourage and create space for community members to consider and discuss one another’s experiences.  The experience of sharing and hearing personal life histories to a group of people who belong to the same community can be eye-opening for the participants.